The ENERGY ENVIRONMENT CLIMATE RESEARCH GROUP was 2009 in connection with the retirement of its two professors integrated in a larger research group called METRIK. A new organizational change from 2016 prompted by university cuts has lead to loss of more people. Only Bent Sørensen is still active in the field, mainly in international activities. Other METRIK members give advice to Danish local governments. The original EECR members were

Rolf Czeskleba-Dupont, Anders Chr. Hansen, Rikke Lybæk, Ole Jess Olsen, Niels Schrøder, Noël Brings Jacobsen, Gitte Margrethe Jensen, Finn Sørensen, Astrid Boisen, Hiroshi Nagai, Peter Meibom, Stefan Krüger Nielsen and Bernd Kuemmel. Group leader was

Bent Sørensen: Ph.D. in physics, diploma in Advance Business Management. Professor. ( For details see CV. and Publications at the University research database. Teaching web pages:  Search using my name or IMFUFA on Private web pages:  non-academic publications. and   home page.

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