November 2017


New work:


The 5th edition of Renewable Energy, the book defining the research field, came out in late Summer 2017, and the 3rd edition of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, written together with Giuseppe Spazzafumo, is expected around New Year 2018. The renewable energy book contains a new scenario showing that China may have its energy needs fully covered by renewable resources, given an expanded electrical transmission network and some underground hydrogen energy stores.

The hydrogen and fuel cell book sports a scenario of relevance for the British Brexit debate, showing that the off-shore wind potential for the British Isles can cover all electricity needs not only for the British Isles but for the entire European Union, again given expansion of transmission and storage. Since it is clear that no other affordable solution exist for the EU to reach its mid-century greenhouse gas emission targets, it is suggested that the EU be a bit more humble in its negotiations with Britain.


The 2016 books Music across Times and Fences and Artwork 2016 can be freely downloaded from the publisher at, and a preprint of the webbook chapter Greenhouse Warming Research is at the download menu here.

The book on innovation in musical composition offers readers to listen to the music while reading from music streaming services, e.g. using playlists on Deezer and Spotify, where an accompanying album called The Story of Music and 10 other albums by Bent Sørensen can also be found. Free listening and download is also available from the publisher's website


Retirement has multiplied my scientific output by a large factor, and not having to fulfil the short-term industry utility philosophy

of funding agencies in Denmark and the EU has allowed me to do what I find most important or most fun. A pity that young

scientists are no longer permitted such luxury.