November 2016


New work:


The book "Democracy and sense" published in Danish (November 2015) and English (December 2015) is based on the scientific monograph "Energy, Resources and Welfare" that has been published by Academic Press-Elsevier in April 2016.


2016 also saw the publication of a greenhouse research chapter in Elsevier's environmental encyclopedia, and the general audience books ARTWORK 2016 and MUSIC ACROSS TIMES AND FENCES from Secantus. The 2nd edition of Hydrogen & Fuel Cells and the 4th edition of Renewable Energy have been translated to Chinese. The first is published and the second expected in December 2016. See BOOKS and DOWNLOADS - some of the books can be freely downloaded from the publisher at

The book on innovation in musical composition offers readers to listen to the music while reading, from music streaming services (links in e-book version, playlists for those reading the paper version).

A new 5th edition of Renewable Energy is expected to appear early 2017 and the 3rd edition of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells id currently in the writing stage, in collaboration with Giuseppe Spazzafumo.


Retirement has multiplied my scientific output by a large factor, and not having to fulfil the short-term industry utility philosophy

of funding agencies in Denmark and the EU has allowed me to do what I find most important or most fun. A pity that young

scientists are no longer permitted such luxury.