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Bent Sørensen and Giuseppe Spazzafumo: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, 3rd edition(520 pp. Academic Press-Elsevier, 2017-18.

Thoroughly updated edition. A new feature is a scenario for the British Isles that explores the full potential of off-shore wind power. This shows that the British Islands can cover the entire electricity need of themselves and the European Union at a price that is more affordable than any other way for the EU to fulfill its sustainability targets.


Bent Sørensen: Renewable Energy, 5th edition. (1020 pp. Academic Press-Elsevier, August 2017. Seen at Amazon webshops at about $120.

Thorougly updated version of this book often referred to as the Renewable Energy Foundation Book, because it was the first graduate-level academic book defining the entire field. Among the new features is a scenario for China to become 100% renewable and to solve the intermittency issue of renewable energy source flows by transmission and storage.


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Bent Sørensen: Music Across Times and Fences. (440 pp. Secantus Publ. Oct. 2016. Print version available at all Amazon stores for about $10 plus freight, e.g.,; Kindle e-book version at for $2 plus VAT if applicable.

pdf-version freely downloadable at the publisher,

The book explores musical innovation from the Stone Age to the present, covering all regions of the World and all genres of music, from art and folk music to musical, jazz, pop and rock music. The focus is on composers that changed music, by small or by large steps, and the music can be listened to through links and playlists to streaming media such as Spotify or Deezer.


Bent Sørensen: ARTWORK 2016(2nd edition; 132 pp, 170 pictures, text in English, French, German and Danish; Secantus Publ. 2014, Kindle eBook available at, price $3 + tax if applicable). Free pdf-download is possible from the publisher's webpage

This untraditional artbook illustrates the creative life of an unknown artist through oil paintings, wax-oil and pastel colours, drawings, aquarelles, computer art and photographs. The book tries to encourage other amateurs to excercise their talents


Bent Sørensen: Democracy and Sense - alternatives to financial crises and political small-talk(162 pp. Secantus Publ. Dec. 2015/Jan. 2016. Print version available at all Amazon stores for about 40 DKr plus freight. cheapest, then follows; is most expensive after Danish devaluation. Kindle e-book version at for $1 plus VAT if applicable.

pdf-version freely downloadable at the publisher,

Democracy and Sense questions practically all that happens in society today. Its aim is to raise a debate on the most urgent problems of economy, democracy, sustainable conduct and the framework for industry and business. A number of untraditional solutions are suggested, but without support to either rightwing or leftwing politics. In fact, one of the key points is that political parties have reduced democracy to one day of voting followed by four years of oligarchy. To regain a functioning democracy we must strengthen direct democracy and make the distance between population and government shorter.


Bent Sørensen: Folkestyre og fornuft - alternativer til politikerlede og finanskriser (146 pp. Secantus Publ. Nov. 2015. Print version available at or for about 40 DKr plus freight. Kindle e-book version at for $1 plus VAT if applicable.

pdf-version freely downloadable at the publisher,

En debatbog der rammer ned i tidens mest vigtige problemer: politikerlede, stigende ulighed, nedgradering af vore omgivelser, og fornemmelsen af afmagt overfor nyliberalismens invasion af samfundets styring. Bogen analyserer hvordan det er kommet hertil og tilbyder adskillige alternativer, nye og gamle der potentielt kan bringe demokratiet til igen at fungere. Vi kan stile mod et mere direkte folkestyre, hvor vejen mellem befolkning og regering er kortere end nu. Et sammenfattende forslag til ny grundlov opstilles, til brug globalt, regionalt eller lokalt, og tilbydes til generel debat.


Bent Sørensen (ed.): Energy, Resources and Welfare - Exploration of social frameworks for sustainable development (214 pp. Academic Press-Elsevier, Apr. 2016 - in press)

Broadly interdisciplinary text discussing use of resources, economic paradigms and inequalities of welfare distribution in current societies, historical and present suggestions for democratic constitutions, and scenarios for alternative arrangement of sustainable societies.


Bent Sørensen: Greenhouse Warming Research (ca. 25 pp., published Oct. 2016 by Academic Press-Elsevier as Chapter in "Earth Systems and Environmental Studies", a web-subscription volume in "Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology")

Overview of climate science, targeted for senior High Scool and Undergraduate University Students.


Bent Sørensen: Chinese translation of Hydrogen & Fuel Cells, 2nd ed.(400 pp., published Feb. 2016 by China Machine Press, Shanghai. The Chinese censorship removed all maps showing China and Taiwan, as they found it unacceptable that they did not have same shading as one country. In reality, the pictures showed amounts of renewable energy resources available and therefore varied geographically


Bent Sørensen (ed.): SOLAR ENERGY STORAGE (ca. 350 pp. Academic Press-Elsevier, June 2015; seen at £52 ( or $118 (

Storage of thermal and electric energy used in connection with solar energy systems is discussed by leading scientists. Both technology, economics and environmental issues are covered, and case studies are presented for particular implementation on islands and areas far from grids.


Bent Sørensen: ENERGY INTERMITTENCY (ca. 350 pp. CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, December 2014; seen at £51 ( or $78 (

Discusses intermittency and variability of all types of energy systems, with suggestions for remedies in terms of energy exchange, trade, storage and demand management. Richly illustrated and with many case studies for specific regions across the world.


Bent Sørensen: Physics Revealed Book 1: Physics in Society (ca. 114 pp, Secantus Publ. 2014, Kindle eBook available at, price $1 + tax if applicable). Free pdf-download is possible from the publisher's webpage

A book for general readership as well as university course material: Discusses the role of physics in society, how it is viewed by those who work in the field, and how it is used in technology and military applications. It further offers a critical look at the way physics is being taught at all levels of education, on gender issues and on research dissemination and publication.


Bent Sørensen: A HISTORY OF ENERGY - NORTHERN EUROPE FROM THE STONE AGE TO THE PRESENT DAY (ca. 570 pp. Earthscan/Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 4th November 2011 in Europe; PAPERBACK: seen at £33.25 (, US $ 60 (, and DKK 385 at Gyldendal ( HARDCOVER: ca. £85.50)

Defining the new scientific discipline of energy history and providing a novel interpretation of Danish history as a case study. Thoroughly illustrated in colour and accessible to a broad range of readers with different backgrounds.


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Bent Sørensen: Renewable Energy Conversion, Transmission and Storage (in Chinese) (258 pp. China Machine Press, 2011, Version not for sale outside China

Translation of Elsevier 2007 edition (see below).


Bent Sørensen: HYDROGEN & FUEL CELLS, 2nd edition (Academic Press/Elsevier, december 2011; seen at £ 85.50)

1st edition February 2005 (seen at £ 49).


Bent Sørensen, LIFE-CYCLE ANALYSIS OF ENERGY SYSTEMS - FROM METHODOLOGY TO APPLICATIONS (336 pages. Royal Society of Chemistry, RSC Publ., Cambridge, June 2011, seen at £ 140, US $ 224; DKK 1590):

RSC online bookstore has a student textbook price with 35% rebate upon quoting reference LCABTSN35.

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Bent Sørensen: RENEWABLE ENERGY 4th edition (Academic Press Elsevier, 950 pp) December 2010; seen at US $ 86, ebook $ 96; £ 69.34; DKK 804).  

Chapter 4 is freely available at “Elsevier IYC 2011 Special Books Collection”, in commemoration of the International Year of Chemistry, presumably only during 2011.

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3rd edition (2004; £ 62) has many pictures with colour in the e-book version. It is also available as part of the Elsevier ”Renewable Energy ebook Collection (2008, US $ 420; DKK 3499)

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Bent Sørensen, editor: RENEWABLE ENERGY REFERENCE COLLECTION, 4 volumes of reprints, both fundamental and recent ones, with introductions (2200 pages). Earthscan (now Routledge) November 2010 (£ 795; US$ 1300; DKK 8745):


Bent Sørensen, Chapter 10 "On the road performance simulation of battery, hydrogen, and hybrid cars" in ELECTRIC AND HYBRID VEHICLES (G Pistoia, ed.). 26 of 670 pages. Elsevier, Amsterdam 2010 (seen at at £ 133):


Bent Sørensen, Chapter 7 "Energy storage and other ways of handling intermittent energy production from renewable energy" in CARBON-NEUTRAL FUELS AND ENERGY CARRIERS (N Muradov & T Veziroglu, eds.). 13 of 832 pages. CRC Press-Taylor & Francis, 2011:


Bent Sørensen, Chapter 3 "Mapping potential renewable energy resources in the Mediterranean region" in RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH (E Maleviti, ed.). 14 of 201 pages. Athens Inst. Education & Research, 2011:


Bent Sørensen, Paul Breeze, Truman Storvik, Shang-Tian Yang, Aldo da Rpsa, Harsh Gupta, Roy Doble, Gianfranco Pistoia, Soteris Kalogirou: RENEWABLE ENERGY FOCUS HANDBOOK (Elsevier Academic Press, ca. 400 pp) January 2009 (£ 52; DKK 903):

About half of this book is taken up by Chapter 4 of Renewable Energy 3rd edition, however, with references omitted.


Bent Sørensen: RENEWABLE ENERGY CONVERSION, TRANSMISSION AND STORAGE (Elsevier Academic Press, 337 pp) December 2007 (seen at at £ 66; DKK 770)

Basically Chapter 4 and 5 of Renewable Energy, 3rd edition, with rearrangements to cater for lecture-size chapter demands.

Chinese translation December 2011 (see above).



Bernd Kuemmel, Stefan Krüger Nielsen, Bent Sørensen: LIFE-CYCLE ANALYSIS OF ENERGY SYSTEMS (Roskilde University Press, 216 pp) 1997 (Officially out-of-print, but copies may be found in bookstores)

Bent Sørensen: Russian translation of Renewable Energy, 1st edition, part I (348 pp., Izdatelstva Nauka i Izkustva, Sofia, 1989)