Airport to Roskilde University: direct train from airport to Trekroner station:

Look at

where an English travel planner may be found. There are also many trains from Copenhagen center. If you use the Danish version, look for "KÝbenhavns lufth." (airport).

Note, however, that not all trains to Roskilde stop at Trekroner: an alternative is to go to Roskilde and either take a taxi or proceed by bus 223E to the University or bus 604 to Trekroner Station (same if you go from a Roskilde hotel to the University).

 With the reorganization of the University fall 2015, energy studies are no longer pursued.

 A plan of RUC may be found at the home page


Map of Roskilde University location in the outskirts of Roskilde, location of train stations, as well as a few Roskilde tourist sights: 


Finally a map of hotel locations in Roskilde (use internet to book, or call Prindsen +45 4635 8010, Scandic +45 4632 4632), with train and bus stations:

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